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The importance of connectedness and support can’t be overlooked. I have learned, through my work with Changing Tunes over the years, that sometimes simply the act of just being present and acknowledging someone else’s humanity can have a tremendous impact on their sense of self.

Changing Tunes Musician-in-Residence

Red Tangent Records was born in February 2021, child of music in prisons charity Changing Tunes and The National Lottery Community Fund – supporting Leaders with Lived Experience (Supporting organisations set up or run by people with first-hand experience of a social issue, who are trying to create positive change for communities and people who share those experiences.) Led by a team of former prisoners, and with a focus on engaging those with lived experience of the criminal justice system, RTR have put together a label and management services package to support talented artists.

We believe that everyone with the motivation to change, no matter their personal history or circumstances, should have the right to develop a positive Identity.

Red Tangent Records

Our work is focussed on supporting our artists to develop sustainable long term careers in the music industry. From Music Assessment Panel reviews that provide feedback on artist submissions (including songwriting and production values) through social media, branding and marketing to live performance, bookings and media Red Tangent will endeavour to grow our clients experience base, knowledge and success.

Although lived experience is currently a prerequisite for all of our artists we are striving towards a situation where it is not a stigma, where it is understood that some people find themselves in difficult situations or trapped in a negative feedback loop, often caused by substance abuse, poverty and other socio-economic or psychological factors, that results in a person finding themselves incarcerated.

We encourage the adoption of a positive self-image, the belief that everybody has the capacity to bring about positive change in their lives and that we can all make a positive contribution to society. The perception of prisoners being a different ‘class’ of citizen, and the negative expectations associated with this, can only be harmful. Stereotyping and labelling can have consequences that impact people’s ability to live a pro-social and rewarding life.

It is generally understood that members of stigmatized groups are devalued and discredited and often suffer from social exclusion as a result.

LeBel 2006

By limiting access to important life domains, discrimination directly affects the social status, psychological well-being, and physical health of the stigmatized.

Major & O’Brien 2005

Our goal is to show that no matter a person’s previous experience they may have talents, skills and abilities that can take them on a positive life journey. We can directly support musical artists with lived experience, and allow the opportunity for others with lived experience to be supportive. We hope that you love the music that we help to put into the world, and we hope it challenges some of the preconceived notions you may hold.

“There is a direct link between labelling, stereotypes and identity. Our identity is what tells us who we are. And when we’re classified in a certain way, treated differently because of our race or religion or personal history, whenever we have input, we’re effected… I’m going to have an effect on the person listening to this, one way or another, however small. Music can be a tool for the effected. Music can help to influence, to communicate and to dissolve barriers. The genre doesn’t matter, the chart success is nice but never presumed. The goal is for a connection between artist and listener that breaks labels, challenges stereotypes and fosters a positive identity.”

Former Prisoner

Red Tangent Records is an operational arm of Changing Tunes

Changing Tunes is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales Number 7791242 and a registered Charity Number 1144789

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