Pirate Studios


Changing Tunes

Changing Tunes is a charity that uses music and mentoring to help people lead meaningful lives, free from crime.

The Prison Music Collective

(PMC) aims to see music in every prison across England and Wales

Pi Guitars

Your new favourite guitar is now being built

Lightbulb Trust

Lives for
the BetterLightbulb is about the future.  We believe that learning, in its most inclusive sense, is the best way to empower people.

Brazen Sound Studios

Brazen Sound Studios. A purpose-built recording and rehearsal studio in Exeter

Tazma Studios

Over 3230 sq. ft. (300 m2) of creative space, just a few minutes from Exeter

AZ Sounds Bristol

A cosy, friendly professional music/video studio. With years of experience in producing music – reco

Prison Radio Association

The Prison Radio Association (PRA) aims to change the lives of serving prisoners through the power of radio.